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Rouhani: Iran welcomes sustainable ceasefire in Syria



President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Tehran welcomes sustainable ceasefire in Syria and warned all parties to exercise vigilance to prevent terrorists reorganize themselves.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem.President Rouhani congratulated Syrian government, army and nation on their triumph over terrorists mainly in Aleppo, saying that the recent victory in Aleppo gave one message to the terrorists that they never be triumphant in the wrong approach they have chosen.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported Syrian nation and is to continue with support in the future as well and there is no doubt that Syrian people will ultimately win the conflict, he said.

Iran, Russia and Syria through unity and solidarity adopted a timely plan which can be quite successful, President Rouhani said.

He expressed the hope that recent conference in Kazakhstan helps escalate a sustainable peace in Syria.

Syrian foreign minister, for his part conveyed the warm greetings of Syrian president to President Rouhani and said there is no doubt that Iran’s all-out support left major impacts on morale of the Syrian nation in their fight against terrorists.

Lauding the efforts and supports made by Iran and Russia for the Syrian government and nation in fight against terrorism, he called on the three countries to broaden more cooperation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran plays a very significant role in the region, Syrian foreign minister said, calling for expansion of such relations together with Tehran’s all out support for Damascus.

Head of the National Security Bureau of the Ba’ath Party Ali Mamlouk accompanied Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem to Tehran.

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