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Rifts Widening among Terrorists over Southern Syria Operation


Intensifying clashes and infighting are growing among the terrorist groups in the Southern province of Dara’a over war with the Syrian Army, an Arabic-language media outlet reported on Tuesday.

Al-Watan daily quoted Adham al-Akrad, a commander of the terrorists’ Operation Room known as al-Bonyan al-Marsous, as disclosing that the militants have been divided after disputes over how to deal with government troops’ advances in Dara’a.

Al-Watan further reported that a group of terrorists demand an assault on the army by a small number of forces and a small volume of equipment while others have underlined strong opposition to the stated plan, warning that they would retreat if the first group continues with this plan.

The daily went on to say that most of terrorists in Dara’a are afraid of the army operation, intending to apply for government amnesty instead of being killed in “a senseless battle”.

A military source said on Friday that Jordan asked the Syrian Army to delay its upcoming Dara’a offensive in order to convince the rebel forces to reconcile with the government.

The source said that the Syrian Army agreed to respect Jordan’s request and would once again attempt to hold reconciliation talks with the militant groups in Dara’a.

The Syrian Army and Russian military had earlier sent a delegation to Dara’a to negotiate a reconciliation deal that was similar to an agreement in Eastern Ghouta; however, the militants rejected the offer.

The militants then released a statement rejecting the offer and vowed to continue their fight against the Syrian government.

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