Enemies of Syria

Rich Israeli man financially backs Syrian rebels

Rich-Israeli-man-financially-backs-Syrian-rebelsAn Israeli businessman has launched a desperate attempt to collect financial aid to support foreign-backed terrorists fighting the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, local media reported.
Moti Kahana, is reported to have been travelling to several places such as the US and throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, and even inside Syria in an attempt to gather funds to help terrorists topple president Assad’s government, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.
According to the report “an Israeli [man] who is carrying Syria’s future flag is helping the country”.
Kahana recently went to Washington to meet Jewish Americans for getting financial support for the terrorists in Syria. “When I was in Syria, people from the opposition said we knew Jews were the first ones who come to help us”, he said.
Syria is facing and increasingly deadly insurgency since March 2011 which is receiving support from US, Israeli regime and several Arab countries including Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
A recent report by Financial Times said Qatar was the largest supplier of arms to terrorists in Syria having spent more than $3 billion to support the insurgents.
The article cited the Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm which tracks the arms supply to the Syrian rebels saying that “Qatar is the largest arms exporter to Syria, where it funded more than 70 cargo flights of weapons to neighboring Turkey between April 2012 and March 2013.”

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