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Revolutionaries in Yemen ‘major force’ behind resuming activity: Iran’s Larijani


Speaker of the Parliament has hailed role of revolutionaries in Yemen as the major force behind Parliament’s resuming activity.

Ali Larijani who was speaking in a session in Parliament on Monday said that reopening of Yemeni parliament was source of happiness; “the success was definitely a measure by revolutionary forces of Yemen and is seen as an action to bring a sort of order to country’s affairs amid the crisis and Saudi onslaught; we now see that the popular resistance in Yemen has brought fruits to people,” he told the session.

“Now, it is more than a year that Yemenis have been target to Saudi rage and bombardments; the economy of the country has collapsed and everyday life is quite difficult; however, people have been resistant enough to yield their desired outcomes,” Mr. Larijani said, ascribing the major cause of all popular resistance in the region including in Iraq and Syria to the example of the Iranians facing War with Baathist Iraq. “The atmosphere and the mood of surrendering the imperialism has been dwindling; the social strata have embraced Islamic Awakening. It was evident in 33-Day War of Hezbollah and Zionists, in a country where Hezbollah and other smaller groups defeated an advanced army as Israel’s and its repercussions have been still felt by the regime,” Larijani asserted.

“The Islamic Awakening has swept the region including in Iraq and other countries which has roots in our Sacred Defense; we believe Resistance will find its place in the region and in minds and hearts of the public,” he concluded.

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