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“Resistance vows to neutralize hegemonic plots in region”



Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a televised address to a ceremony commemorating late cleric Sheikh Abdul Naser al-Jabari on Tuesday.

He warned of the threat of Takfirism and extremism, saying Western intelligence apparatus tried to create rifts among Muslims in the wake of the Islamic awakening.

Nasrallah stated that Takfiri groups have faced the Islamic Ummah with the worst threats, adding, “We must behave responsibly and isolate those who spread sedition.”

The Hezbollah chief stressed that all media outlets must take steps to counter those channels which seek to stoke sedition among Muslims.

In order to help spread sedition, Nasrallah added, there are some parties legitimizing the murder of innocent people, while “closing the doors to television channels of Resistance.”

He called for fighting sedition with the ideology of unity.

Nasrallah went on to note that there are also some parties that are working to destroy the Arab armies in favor of Israel, because the Israeli army is a defeated army and has lost its morale.

Referring to ongoing crises in the region, the head of Lebanese Hezbollah movement said, “Resistance fighters insist on continuing the fight until achieving the ultimate victory.”

Stressing that the Resistance axis will get out of this global war against it stronger and ‘victorious’, Nasrallah added that supporting Resistance is a responsibility of everyone.

Future will be in the hands of Resistance, Nasrallah emphasized.

Nasrallah also underlined the need to protect resistance through awareness.

Referring to struggles by people of Bahrain against Al Khalifah regime, he noted that people of Bahrain will never turn a blind eye to the cause of Palestine despite apparent normalization of relations between the monarchy and the Zionist regime.

Nasrallah went on to note that in Yemen, people are chanting slogans in support of Palestine despite the country’s blockade, starvation, murder and bombing caused by Saudi Arabia’s relentless attacks, adding, “We all must insist on fighting the sedition through the ideology of unity.”

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