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Resistance front could still surprise ‘israel,’ commander suggests

The commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) suggests that the regional resistance front could still face the Israeli regime with more surprises by fielding more of its capabilities.

The October-present war between the Israeli regime and the resistance front showed that the front serves as an “integrated set that has a lot of capabilities,” Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani said on Wednesday.

“Of course, it has not yet used all of its capabilities,” he said, adding, “It was also proven [during the war] that no one can take the resistance front for granted.”

Israel launched the war against the Gaza Strip on October 7 after al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise operation by the coastal sliver’s resistance groups against the occupied territories that was staged in protest at intensification of Tel Aviv’s decades-long crimes against Palestinians.

The regime has so far during the war killed more than 30,700 Gazans, most of them women and children.

Since the onset of the military onslaught, however, resistance groups across the region — from across Iraq and Lebanon to Yemen — have posed a serious challenge to the occupying regime by targeting the occupied territories as well as Israeli vessels or those bound for the territories with hundreds of rockets, missiles, and drones.

“Today, the resistance front, especially the forces of [the Gaza-based resistance movement of] Hamas in the al-Aqsa Storm Operation, have assumed an offensive attitude by relying on [their] devotion and the weapons that they have [at their disposal,” Qa’ani noted.

The regional groups, he added, have “heroically faced the Israeli army with a serious challenge.”

The resistance’s youths, who used to rely only on their bare hands and stones to defend themselves, have now come to both “protect their land and reputation and beset Israel with their resistance [operations].”

“Gaza’s ruins will definitely be repaired, but the occupying regime’s reputation will not,” Qa’ani concluded.

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