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Body Organ Trafficking: Terrorists Focus on Children Now



Terrorist groups in Northern Aleppo have formed several criminal gangs in close cooperation with Ankara to smuggle children’s body organs to Turkey, Kurdish media reported on Tuesday.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news quoted a local source as saying that a group of mercenaries have embarked on kidnapping children and trading their body organs.

The source told Hawar news that seven children have been kidnapped in the town of Qabaseen near the town of al-Bab in the last seven days, and evidence and proofs indicate that they have been abducted by the same group that operates with Turkey’s help.

The report further mentioned that some other children had also been taken earlier in similar cases and no one knows anything about their fate.

The source told Hawar news that the gangs use females to deceive and kidnap children from Kurdish villages and sell their body organs to Turkish traders.

Media sources disclosed in February that body organs of three injured members of Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group were cut out and stolen by the Turkish medical staff.

The Arabic language al-Hadath news website quoted field sources as saying that the body organs of three militants were cut out and stolen at a hospital in Southern Turkey.

The sources said three members of Ahrar al-Sham that had sustained major injures in a suicide operation of the ISIL and had been transferred to a hospital in Gaziantep border town in Southern Turkey, lost their lives in there.

Al-Hadath added that the three hospitalized militants had sustained injuries in their legs and feet but they had gone under an upper body surgical operation at the center, and some of their body organs were cut out  and stolen by the medical staff at the hospital.

The news website underlined that it was not the first time that the body organs of injured militants were stolen at the hospitals of Gaziantp, Kilis and Urefa in Turkey.

“Stealing the body organs of injured militants in Turkish hospitals could have been coordinated directly with Ahrar al-Sham commanders as human body organ is now a main source of revenue and an established trade for the terrorist groups in Northern Syria,” field sources were quoted by al-Hadath as saying.

A journalist, who has recently paid a visit to a camp of Syrian refugees in the Greek Lisfous island, disclosed in Jun that there had been close cooperation between the Turkish and Israeli gangs in the trafficking of Syrian refugees’ body organs, specially their kidneys, to other countries.

The Israeli regime and its citizens had widely been identified in past years as the prime culprit in organ trafficking across the world.

“There are too many corpses floating through the Mediterranean sea, mainly between the Turkish waters and Greek abandoned islands,” the journalist said in his investigation.

“Stiches on belly of the Syrian refugees’ corpses testify that their kidneys have been taken out before their death,” the journalist quoted Greek fishermen of Lisfous island as saying.

“The Syrian refugees go under illegal surgery in Turkish hospitals to take their organs out, and then their bodies are thrown away to the sea,” the Greek fishermen went on to say.

“An Israeli citizen, borne in Ukraine, was arrested by the Turkish police last Decembers on charge of purchasing the organs of Syrian refugees from Turkish private clinics. Boris Voker, whose real name was Welfman, had carried out similar operations in Azerbaijan, Seri Lanka and Kosovo between the years 2008 till 2014 and had earned over 70,000 Euros,” he said.

“There must be powerful hands and officials behind this process and illegal surgeries of Syrian refugees and rapid transferring of their separated organs to other countries. The separated Kidneys can stay alive only for 48 hours, but costumes formalities in airports and border-crossings last a long time, so their must be very close cooperation between the organ traffickers and relevant official in the host countries of Syrian refugees, including Turkey,” the journalist stressed in his investigation.

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