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Region indebted to IRGC; anti-terror force will continue on its path with strength: Interior Minister

Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi has censured "some Europeans" for their attempts to designate an official force as a foreign terrorist organization, stating that the move clearly attests to the mental and political weakness of its architects.

“There is no room for concern about the plan, and the IRGC will strongly press ahead with its path,” Vahidi told reporters after weekly cabinet meeting in the capital Tehran on Wednesday.

He underlined that the decision by a number of Western governments to blacklist the elite force as a terrorist organization contravenes the international regulations, and is a testimony to the mental, moral and political weakness of its engineers.

“All residents of the [West Asia] region consider themselves indebted to the efforts of the IRGC and late General Soleimani,” he noted.

“They wishfully think they can undermine the IRGC, which has a place in the hearts of the public and serves the nation,” Vahidi added, praising it as the most important and effective force in the fight against terrorism.

The interior minister also paid tribute to top Iranian anti-terror commander General Qassem Soleimani, who was assassinated in a US drone strike near Baghdad airport three years ago, stating that the IRGC takes great pride in the achievements of the icon, who was the chief commander of the its Quds Force.

Vahidi stressed that that IRGC has been involved in the fight against terror more than any other military force, noting that the entity is threatened by the sponsors of terrorism, above all the occupying Israeli regime and the United States.

Also on Wednesday, Iranian lawmaker Mohammad Esmaeil Kowsari cautioned the European governments against falling into the trap of a plot hatched by Washington and the Tel Aviv regime to blacklist the IRGC, emphasizing that they would not be able to cope with the unbearable consequences of such designation.

He also called on the EU and European governments to maintain their independence from the US and avoid taking any action against the IRGC as such a hostile move could ruin any chance of negotiations with Iran.

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