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Raqqa: ISIL’s Bomb Expert Kills Terrorist Group’s Security Members in Suicide Attack



An ISIL bomb and explosives expert blew himself up among the terrorist group’s security officials in Raqqa province, killing several of them.

Abu al-Bara Tunnisi, ISIL’s bomb and explosives expert, committed a suicide attack on the ISIL security officials, killing at least three of them.

Informed sources confirmed that the ISIL security officials intended to arrest al-Tunnisi for escaping from the ISIL-controlled areas when he detonated himself.

On Monday, local sources in Northeastern Syria disclosed that ISIL has decided to use the terrorist group’s administrative staff in the battlefronts after a large number of its members escaped Raqqa.

The sources said that ISIL has been faced with severe shortage of fighters and have found no way to overcome the problem but dispatching its administrative personnel to the battlefronts, after its field forces fled the ISIL-held regions in groups.

“ISIL has threatened those members that have not thus far joined battle with death and cut of salary,” they added.

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