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Rafsanjani: Fabricated Zionist regime rootcause of terrorism in Mideast



Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Monday that the fabricated Zionist regime is the rootcause of terrorism in the Middle East region orchestrated by western powers.

Rafsanjani made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Austrian parliament vice-speaker Karlheinz Kopf.Rafsanjani said that nine million Palestinian displaced by the occupying Zionist regime have unclear fate and that the countries which brought Zionists to the Middle East region to get rid of their hardliners and backed the Zionists crimes and atrocities against Palestinian people should take a decisive measures to stop the humanitarian plight of the Palestinians.

He invited the heads of European states to inspect one of Palestinian refugees camps.

‘Since 1917, when Britain masterminded immigration to Palestine under a whimsical plan named ‘Jewish homeland’ the region has been deprived of peace and most of their terrorist moves, plans and ill-wishing policies are now regarded as state terrorism, Rafsanjani said.

Iran and Austria have enjoyed a very calm relations throughout history but relations were restricted during the arbitrary sanctions, but, did not stop and now a new chapter has opened in relations with Vienna.

‘Vienna Accord’ was registered in political negotiations of the international community, Rafsanjani said in reference to the nuclear deal struck in Vienna in 2015.

The grounds are now well prepared for expansion of economic, cultural and social cooperation, he said.

The international community and big powers should compensate their mistakes instead of venturing for confrontation, he said.

‘If global powers seek to restore calmness to the region, Iran will be ready to put its invaluable experiences in fight with terrorism at the disposal of the other governments and nations,’ Rafsanjani said.

Fight with terrorism and drug trafficking were among main goals of western powers in the region mainly in Afghanistan but we are witnessing that terrorism and poppy cultivation have increased dramatically which are regarded as a global threat, Rafsanjani said.

They have exposed the heart of the world that is the Middle East to risk of conflict leading to much worse situation in the world, Rasfanjani said.

It is quite likely that the terrorists to go back to their own countries or other countries and promote extremism, he said.

Visiting Austrian parliament vice-speaker Karlheinz Kopf, for his part said 140 years of relations between Iran and Austria urged the Vienna government to revive our past cooperation after removal of economic sanctions.

‘We are pleased to play significant role during nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 which was an opening for Iran to international community,’ he said.

‘We have invited the Iranian parliamentarians to pay a visit to Austria to help bolster and broaden parliamentary and economic cooperation between the two sides,’ he said.

Iran is a stable pillar for restoration of calmness in the troubled region, he said.

The fact is that the current developments in Syria have left crucial impacts on Europe and the country’s displaced peopled rushed to Europe and to Austria in particular, he said.

Commending the remarks made by Rafsanjani, he said that creating jobs will help encourage the youth in the region not to join terrorist groups.

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