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Rabid Zionist Settlers Attack on Huwara Town Recalls Haganah Massacres against Palestinians in Past Century

As tensions among the Israeli political parties escalate, the disintegrated initiatives of the Zionist settlers who attacked the Palestinian town of Huwara indicate that the decision-making in the occupation entity has left the zone of alleged rationalization as decided by Tel Aviv officials.

The irrational tendency of the Zionists is expected to lead them to retrieve their primitive policies which served the establishment of the usurping entity at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab blood as well as rights.

Haganah was the militia primarily responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian villages during the Nakba in 1947-49. Huge number of Palestinians were killed in the context of horrible massacres that occurred in numerous villages and towns, including Deir Yassin.

The main Zionist target of the massacres was dispossessing the Palestinians of their land, property and identity. This aim was reiterated by the Zionist settlers who attacked Huwara town on Sunday, February 26.

Moreover, the methods and tools used in order to reach this target have been also similar as they include murdering, burning and expelling locals and real owners.

The following videograph exposes the horrible extent of the Israeli attack on Huwara:

The judicial reforms are expected to turn the ruling system in the Zionist entity into dictatorship, according to Zionist reports. This would reinforce the Israeli tendency to commit more massacres against the Palestinians to the extent of causing a new Nakba as some settlers told reporters.

However, the Palestinian resistance will not allow the Zionists to torture the Palestinians again. Its missiles are ready to be fired from Gaza, and youths are available to stab the settlers across the occupied territories. Thus, the Israeli schemes are doomed to failure, and the occupation entity is certainly heading into demise.

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