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Rabid Liberman admits: Netanyahu “Coward” in front of Nasrallah, “Lion” in front of Likud

Zionist Liberman lashed out at Benjamin Netanyahu, saying the Israeli PM was acting like a coward in front of Hezbollah and Hamas, while acting like a lion in front of his friends in Likud.

In remarks on Thursday, Liberman said: “Netanyahu, who acts like a coward in front of (Hezbollah S.G. Sayyed Hasan) Nasrallah, and (Hamas Chief Yahya) Sinwar, and undermines Israel’s deterrence, is now acting like a lion in front of his friends in the Likud. It is a shame that it is not the other way round.”

The former Finance Minister asserted that the “current conflict in the Israeli society is not between the left and the right wings, but rather between those who serve in the army, work and pay taxes, and those who and seek after power, along with their allies.”

Meanwhile, Liberman addressed Defense Minister Gallant’s decision to postpone his public address in which he was expected to call to freeze the legislation due to concerns for Israel’s national security, calling it “political suicide.”

Earlier on Thursday, Netanyahu confirmed his government’s determination to move forward with the judicial overhaul.

“We will not allow any internal dispute between us to threaten the future and security of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

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