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Rabid dog Israel arrests Palestinian injured child

Enemy of  humanity  Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) kidnapped late Sunday a Palestinian injured child from his Nabi Salah village, to the north of Ramallah.

Mohammed Tamimi, 15, was detained at the entrance to the village and immediately taken to a israeli regime police station at Benyamin detention center in the occupied West Bank.

Tamimi was previously detained and held for three months for participating in anti-occupation protests.

Two months after his release, he was shot in the face by a rubber-coated metal bullet fired by rabid dog Israeli soldiers causing him serious damage to his skull that required multiple surgeries and removal of a part of his skull.

Tamimi is the cousin of Ahed Tamimi, an icon of Palestinian peaceful resistance, who was detained and sentenced in March, along with her mother, Nariman, to eight months in prison for humiliating an Israeli soldier.

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