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President Raeisi officially inaugurates 5th Mustafa Prize ceremony in Isfahan

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has officially inaugurated the 5th Mustafa Prize ceremony in the central city of Isfahan in the presence of more than 130 luminaries from across the Muslim world.

The prestigious biennial event kicked off to host high-profile scientists from 57 Islamic countries and their ambassadors in addition to Isfahan’s academic elites, university faculty members and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence from September 28 to October 4.

The ceremony will also host the 9th round of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP), which is a platform organized by Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation to expand the scientific network among the Islamic world’s scholars by holding international events and laying the groundwork for enhancing scientific synergy and cooperation.

“We strongly believe that the honors of the science and technology as in the past are on the shoulders of Muslim figures, and Muslim scientists are the ones who can bring a new message and a new civilization to the Islamic world and humanity again,” Raeisi said in an address to the gathering.

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