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President: Lebanon will continue to support the Palestinian cause



Lebanese president Michel Aoun has affirmed his country’s unwavering support for the just and legitimate Palestinian cause, pledging to continue defending it and the Palestinian people’s rights.

This came during his meeting with a delegation from al-Quds International Foundation before heading for the Jordanian capital Amman to participate in the 18th Arab Summit.

The delegation was led by former Lebanese MP Bishara Merhaj, deputy head of the foundation’s board of trustees.

President Aoun welcomed members of the delegation and applauded the foundation for the efforts it makes to rally support for Jerusalem and defend the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Palestine.

“We believed that racism had ended in the middle of the last century, but Israel practices racism once again against the Palestinians, so the international community must protect them against the occupation’s crimes,” the president stated.

He also stressed the need for real Arab action protecting the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Palestine.


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