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President al-Assad: When you adhere to national principles, you may lose in near time, but you win in the end

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad said that “when we adhere to our national interests and principles, we may pay a price and suffer, and we may lose in the short time, but in the end we will win the national unity, and later, conditions would change and we will gain everything we aspire for in our homeland.”

President Bashar Al-Assad gave an interview to Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov, addressing several issues related to the situation in Syria, the region and the world.

President al-Assad stressed that the political system in the West is a system of “buying and selling” and not a system of common interests, indicating that the Western blockade on other countries undermines and weakens the dollar.

The President added that Russia is a country on which “the fate of the world depends”, and the decisions taken by President Vladimir Putin are what would return it to the international arena and restore international balance to this arena.

On Israeli aggression on Gaza, President al-Assad said that “Israel” is an occupier entity and an aggressor that kills Palestinians because they defend themselves.

“Palestine is not a State that attacks another, nor its people occupy the lands of another in a neighboring country,” the President added.

“The Palestinian people are the owners of this territory; their land was occupied and they have been subjected to killing for about eighty years,” President Bashar Al-Assad said.

The president affirmed that Gaza is part of the Palestinian issue, adding that t “Israel” is an occupier and aggressor entity, which kills Palestinians simply because they defend themselves.

As for the western policy, President Al-Assad pointed out that the people in the West are not bad, but the media has allied itself with politicians so that these people are ignorant and believe anything proposed by their governments.

“In our region, things are different. First, spreading the truth is very important and second, there is transparency in raising issues with politicians and governments, and there is a direct relationship between governments and people,” the President said.

About the relation of Russia with the West, the President said that Russia is today a country on which the fate of the world depends, “whether we like it or not.”

President Al-Assad considered Russia as a country that supports Syria in its fight against terrorism, so President Putin who made the decision to oppose terrorism in Syria has an influence, his presence has a great impact.

President Al-Assad revealed that Damascus has been trying to build good relations with the West for fifty years.

“There were good and sensible Western officials. Some of them had morals, but they could not do anything because their political system is a system of buying and selling and not a system of common interests,” President Al-Assad clarified.

President Al-Assad added that the West will not accept Russia as a partner, because the United States does not even accept Europe as a partner, since Britain, France and Germany are all subordinate countries, so, if the United States does not accept Europe as a partner, It is impossible for it to accept Russia,” President Al-Assad said.

“The experiences and lessons learned from the relationship with the United States show that the relationship with the West is a temporary relationship. The West will use you and support you, but when your role ends, it will throw you away,” President Al-Assad said.

As for sanctions on Russia and Syria, the President said that the West is funny and stupid sometimes. The blockade on Cuba began sixty years ago, and the blockade on Syria began in 1979, and that same year on Iran, and then on North Korea, and it continued to expand, and now the blockade falls on Russia and China. What will be the result after a while? The West will discover that it is under the blockade itself,” said Al-Assad.

President Al-Assad added that countries under economic blockade deal with each other and the result is that the dollar loses its value and its weight, and this is a good thing.

“I believe that the Western blockade on other countries undermines and weakens the dollar and benefits our long-term interests,” Al-Assad said.

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