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President al-Assad meets Zhao Leji: China’s initiatives represent hope and open doors to a new world

Beijing, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad met Monday with Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, Zhao Leji in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

President al-Assad said that the transition from the old world, which depends on force, to the new world, which based on morals, must start from the role of China, which follows an ethical policy and development and presents initiatives to the whole world.

His Excellency noted that the initiatives proposed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping represent hope and open doors to a new world.

President al-Assad indicated that China stood by Syria politically, based on the Chinese policy that rejects interference in the internal affairs of countries, respects the policies of countries, and rejects terrorism.

President al-Assad added that China also supported Syria on the economic and humanitarian side by helping the Syrian people to mitigate the effects of the siege.

President al-Assad said “Syria looks forward to China’s role in the present and future, and this role seeks to achieve common benefit for the people rather than the gains at the expense of others.”

President al-Assad congratulated China for its success in concluding the Saudi-Iranian agreement, and considered that this success is a proof that China today constitutes a civilized, political and moral world power.

For his part, Zhao Leji stressed that the communication between legislative institutions is important to support the development of bilateral relations.

He said “Syria and China are working together and will continue to exchange support regarding the core interests of both sides in order to strengthen friendship between the two countries and enhance understanding between the two peoples.”

He said “China will continue to be on the right side of history to promote development for all humanity.”

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