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President al-Assad gives a special dialogue to Abkhazian Foreign Minister under the title “The Global Majority”

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad gave a special political-intellectual dialogue under the title “The Global Majority” to Abkhazian Foreign Minister Inal Ardzinba.

The Abkhazian Foreign Minister documented President al-Assad’s vision and perceptions about the relationship between the national identity of peoples and the wars that the West ignites in different regions of the world, and the high price that countries and peoples pay for their dignity, as well the West’s megalomania, and whether the West has true leaders now or not.

The dialogue focuses on the role of countries that aspire to the independence of their decisions and sovereignty. These countries constitute the “global majority” facing a group of Western countries, led by the United States.

Following is part of the dialogue that will be broadcast on the Russian official TV today..

President al-Assad said that all the conflicts in the last ten years have to do with national identity. “We must learn how to protect it from external influences. The only way for them to defeat us is to destroy our national identity. National identity is a loose concept and includes many meanings, among them is culture and the system of values and traditions.”

As for the US Department of State and its policy, the President said that this is their way of dominance, but when you defend your national identity, you can say to them: No, you can analyze the situation properly and maneuver as much as possible, but if you lose your national identity, your only concern will be your personal benefit; That is, money, and money is something that crosses borders, is global, and through it you can control. This is how America controls all its Western and Eastern partners as well, and it can control any country or any specific politician.

Historical overview:
The modern Syrian state is approximately seventy years old, but civilization in this country has existed since the fourth millennium BC. The population is approximately 17 million, the vast majority of whom are Muslims, and the rest are Christians and representatives of other religions.

Damascus is the oldest capital in our current world and the only city on our planet that has been living for thousands of years now. Syria is not only the cradle of civilizations, but has always been at the center of all the major events that occurred in this region.

Abkhaz Foreign Minister: I believe that the situation in the world is changing. The leaders of the world’s vast majority countries are gradually working to protect national interests, while the influence of the United States is declining.

President al-Assad: this is absolutely true. People learn from the mistakes of the past. We could be friends with the West, but the West does not accept friends or partners. They only accept subordinates.

Abkhaz Foreign Minister: The West does not like independent leaders like you and the Russian president.

President al-Assad : Yes, they like to talk about democracy, and they cannot bear to be told: No, it is their democracy to say to them: Yes to everything, this is their democracy.

As for Russia, The President said ” We often hear expressions that say: Russia supported the Syrian president or the Syrian government, and this is an incorrect interpretation. Russia supported the Syrian people and protected Syria’s independence, and thus protected international law, which still exists on paper until now. Russia stood in the face of international terrorism, and it is naive. To explain that terrorists are local outlaw gangs, no, they are a global network, and they are present in Europe, Russia, Indonesia, and other regions of the world. Current terrorism is ideologically homogeneous, and Russia has entered into a war with it on Syrian territory, and when it protects the Syrians, it is protecting its country. When Russia had its say in the fight against terrorism, this was important at the international level in general,and for the Mediterranean region and our region in particular, because Syria has a very important geostrategic location.

Abkhaz Foreign Minister: I want to ask you about the Russian special military operation. You expressed your opinion that the Russian special military operation in Ukraine will change the course of world history. What led you to this conclusion?

President al-Assad: I said It will correct the course of history, it will not write it again and it will not change it, but rather it will correct it, because Russia, as a superpower, resists the interference of Western countries in the internal affairs of other countries, and it makes no difference where Russia fights terrorism in Syria or in Ukraine, for the enemy is one, and Russia today supports global balance politically and militarily because it suffered from its loss, and that the disintegration of the Soviet Union was not a surprise, but rather the result of steps taken to arouse the minorities in it that had historically coexisted with each other.

Regarding China, President al-Assad said that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the illusion emerged that liberalism had achieved final victory, that heaven on earth should resemble America politically and economically, and that money had become the main goal in life for which we could sacrifice human morality. But China offered a completely different model, which is a combination of Communist principles and a capitalist economy. This combination resulted in a centralized, social state with economic freedom for companies. Since 2008, we have observed how China is steadily rising while the Western economy is declining. Accordingly, China has proven that capitalist principles are very important for the economy, but capitalism as a model for state administration is doomed to failure. This is how we see China’s strategic role in the world.

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