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Preparations made for extraditing 40 inmates from Turkey

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey agreed on the acceleration of the transfer of convicts and the implementation of relevant agreements, the development and strengthening of judicial and legal cooperation between the two countries, the regular holding of meetings of the Committee on the Transfer of Convicts and the continuous holding of the two countries legal and judicial committee,” the Iranian embassy in Ankara wrote in a post on its account on the X.

Referring to the meeting of Askar Jalalian, Deputy Justice Minister For Human Rights  and International Affairs with Yılmaz Tunç, the Minister of Justice of Turkey on Wednesday in Turkey, the Iranian Embassy announced, “After holding a joint meeting of the convict transfer committee of the two countries at the level of deputy ministers and experts, in accordance with the Turkish side\s promise, preparations were made for the transfer of more than 40 Iranian prisoners to the country, and it is hoped that the implementation steps will be finalized by next month.”

According to the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the largest number of Iranian prisoners abroad are in Turkey.


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