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Powerful coalition formed against Zionists in world

The IRGC commander Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks at “A New World” conference, which was held at the IRIB International Conference Center in the north of Tehran on Tuesday.

Saying that the West Asian region has been a field for rivalry among world powers in modern times, he added that due to West Asia’s geographical location and its vast resources, the colonial powers have always had a greedy eye on that region.

The IRGC commander stated, “Today, the Islamic Revolution is confronting the enemies in the east of the Mediterranean Sea and the north of the Red Sea,” adding, “The geography of the Islamic Revolution has extended and we have many complementary powers such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, which can determine the balance of power in terms of politics and security in it (that region).”

“Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, there were no visible signs of resistance in Palestine, but today the Palestinian groups have put all the occupied territories under fire and the Zionists have no comfortable sleep now.”

Pointing out that more than 30 armed operations are carried out against the Zionists in the West Bank every day, Salami added, “Those who used to fight with stones in the past, today have missiles and drones and enjoy having a military power.”

Emphasizing that the Zionist regime is now isolated in the world and is grappling with civil war, political division, social protests and security battles, the IRGC commander added, “A powerful coalition has been formed in the world against the Zionist regime, and the state of Resistance has become very different now [as compared to the past].”

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