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Political analyst: Hamas aware of the political reality around it



Noted political analyst Naji Sharab has said that the Hamas Movement’s openness to Egypt reflects its flexibility in steering relations with other countries and its awareness of the political reality around it.

Sharab, a professor of political science at al-Azhar University in Gaza, told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the need to find solutions to the crises in the Gaza Strip would make Hamas more able to seek untraditional, innovative and new ideas to exit from the tragic reality which the Gaza population lives in.

In another context, the professor warned of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) intention to convene a meeting for the Palestinian National Council in the absence of other political factions, saying such a step would deepen the national division further.

He also criticized the sanctions that were imposed by the PA and Fatah’s central committee against Hamas and Gaza, affirming that the latter would suffer more from the negative impacts of its decisions than those targeted with the measures in Gaza.

He stressed that Gaza is not a separate entity that can be punished away from the people in other areas of the occupied Palestinian land.

“These [PA] measures and sanctions have affected the lives of ordinary citizens,” Sharab said.

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