Photos of pro- rallies

Photos- Syrians reaffirm support to Homeland and army, protest Israeli aggression

20140306-155009_h531605 (1)Syrians across the country continued Thursday to stage events to manifest their loyalty to the homeland, full commitment to the national principles and staunch support for the Syrian army in its battle against terrorism.
Huge march in Lattakia extolling Syrian army heroics
Huge masses in the coastal city of Jableh in Lattakia Province marched on corniche Thursday to express support for the Syrian Arab Army.
Participants carried Syrian flags and banners extolling the heroics of the Syrian Army that is preserving the national unity and territorial integrity.
The participants affirmed that the Syrian people stands united in support to the Syrian leadership and army in the face of conspiracies against the homeland.
Fishing boats in turn organized a parade, waving national flags and President Bashar al-Assad’s posters.
The huge gathering is an outpouring of patriotic feelings by the Syrian people who continue to take to the streets in daily shows of staunch support to their army and national principles.
Solidarity stand in Homs stressing adherence to national principles
Meanwhile, thousands of students of Homs-based al-Baath University staged a solidarity stand during which they stressed unshakable adherence to the Syrian national principles.
The participants in the stand expressed their staunch support for the Syrian army in its efforts to repel the terrorists, defend the homeland and foil the conspiracy targeting it.
Waving the national flags and banners embodying the spirit of unity and solidarity among the spectra of the Syrian society, the participants chanted slogans expressing confidence that security and stability will prevail in Syria thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of the Syrian soldiers.
Member of the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Fairouz al-Moussa told SANA that al-Baath University students have thwarted all the attempts to keep them away from their study seats through their awareness and defiance of the threat of terrorism.
“This stand today shows the firm Syrian fabric that triumphed over all the conspiracies that targeted its unity using a religious cover,” said Milad Jamal, one of the participants in the stand.
Stand in Aleppo University in protest of Israeli aggression
Hundreds of Aleppo University’s teachers and students stood in front of al-Baath party’s branch in campus to protest the Israeli aggression on al-Hamidiya in Golan, expressing rage over this brutal aggression.
Participants in the stand chanted slogans condemning the crimes and repressive practices perpetrated by Israeli occupation authorities against the citizens of occupied Golan.
They denounced the international silence over the occupation’s crimes, appreciating sacrifices of Syrian families in Golan.
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