Photos of pro- rallies

Photos- Syrian Citizens, Arab and French figures march in Paris in support of Syria

20140223-203103_h (1)Citizens of Syrian community, Arab and foreign figures in France took to the streets in Paris on Sunday showing support to Syria and its army in the face of the armed terrorist groups and rejecting the foreign interference in Syria’s domestic affairs.
The march set off from the main square of Saint-Michel in Paris, crossing the streets into the Pantheon square, during which the participants expressed solidarity with the country and its army in combating terrorism.

They condemned the foreign interference in Syria’s affairs through backing a number of armed terrorist gangs which kill the Syrians and loot their economy and resources.
The Syrian, Arab and French participants raised the Syrian flag and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad in addition to placards which show solidarity with Homeland, chanting “No to foreign intervention.. Yes to Syria sovereignty.’
They came under an attack by those who call themselves “opposition”, yet, the French Police intervened to disperse the attackers.
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