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Photos- Nigerian Muslims condemn Bahrain attrocites



Thousands of people in Nigeria’s Kano staged a peaceful on Friday the 26th of April 2017 condemning Bahraini Government attrocities on Muslims in Bahrain especially Ayatullah Isa Qasim and his followers.

Members of the IMN came out en mass today Friday May 26th, 2017 after the Friday prayers in a protest march denouncing the atrocities of the Bahrainian government on Shaikh Isa Qasim and his followers, and show of support to him, his followers and all the oppressed of the world.
Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki led the protest march with protesters carrying Bahrainian flags and posters calling oppressors to stop oppression and the solidarity of IMN under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to Shaikh Isa Qasim and his followers Sympathizers along the path of the protest march that followed through Fagge neighborhood, IBB way and ended close to Kofar Mata in Kano city, Nigeria expressed solidarity with the protest march and calling oppressors to stop all forms of oppression.
In a closing speech Mal Sunusi Abdulkadir expressed solidarity of the IMN to Shaikh Qasim and his followers and called the Bahrain government to order stopping all forms of oppression. Likewise he expresses support of the courage and zeal expresses by followers of Shaikh Qasim in showing their support for his leadership and resistance to any form of oppression, just like this support is shown worldwide.
Mal Sunusi also used the opportunity to reiterate the call for the unconditional release of the leader of IMN in Nigeria Shaikh Zakzaky, his wife Malama Zeenatudden Ibraheem and all members held in custody on flimsy excuses. He aslo called the Nigerian government to obey the federal court order by releasing Shaikh Zakzaky. Mal Sunusi also denounced the oppression of the government of Kano on members of the IMN held in prison after last year’s clampdown on Arbaeen Trekers in which different forms of molestation and inhuman treatment is meted on the members chained in prison including a small child. He also reiterated the stand of members to remain steadfast and resolute along this noble path of Al-Islam as shown by Rasulullah (S) and Ahlul Bait (AS), The protest march ended with a closing prayer and members disperse with no security molestation.

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