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PHOTOS: IRGC Ground Force Equipped with Suicide, Combat Drones

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) furnished its ground troops with two homegrown drones used for assault and combat.

The IRGC Ground Force has recently received the ‘Shahed-131’ suicide drone and ‘Ababil-5’ combat drone.

With a length of 2.6 meters, Shahed-131 weighs 135 kg and can detonate targets within a radius of 900 km.

The Iranian drone had played a leading role in an IRGC war game that included exercises to attack the Zionist regime’s Dimona nuclear reactor with great accuracy.

Shahed-131 has also been employed in many operations against secessionist hostile groups in the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq.

The other drone, Ababil-5, has been manufactured by the Defense Ministry.

Shorter wings allow the combat drone to carry a heavier payload of weapons. A retractable landing gear has expanded the angle of cameras in Ababil-5.

In October 2023, IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami said Iran’s homegrown drones that use artificial intelligence can wreck any desired part of a hostile naval target thousands of miles away from the mainland.

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