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Hezbollah Fighters Haunt Israeli Soldiers across Border Settlements

Hezbollah resistance group pummeled several Israeli settlements along the border with Lebanon on Wednesday, inflicting losses among the Zionist forces.

Hezbollah’s Military Media announced several strikes on Wednesday “in support of the steadfast Palestinian people and honorable resistance, and in response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on southern Lebanese villages, safe houses, and civilians.”

The first strike saw Islamic Resistance fighters hitting a structure used by Israeli soldiers in Mutela settlement, causing a direct hit, the first statement read.

The Islamic Resistance fighters also targeted two structures used by Zionist soldiers in Shlomi settlement, according to the second statement.

Al-Manar correspondents across the Lebanese southern villages reported several Israeli strikes on several border towns.

Later a structure used by Israeli soldiers in Menara settlement was targeted by the Islamic Resistance fighters, the third statement read.

Hanita Israeli settlement was the venue of the fourth Hezbollah strike, where the Islamic Resistance fighters hit two structures used by Israeli soldiers.

The fifth strike then targeted Avivim settlement, where two structures used by Israeli soldiers were hit by Hezbollah fighters, according to a statement released by the resistance group’s Military Media.

Hezbollah strikes on Wednesday come after resounding drone and missile attacks on Israeli sites on Monday and Tuesday.

Two Israeli sodliers were killed in Hezbollah’s Monday strike on the Israeli settlement of Metula, an attack that was described by Israeli media as dangerous incident.

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