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People in Douma Seize Control of Terrorists’ Food Stockpile



People in the town of Douma on Tuesday took control of a number of warehouses used by Jeish al-Islam for hoarding food stuff after the terrorist group started retreating from the town under an evacuation plan agreed with the Syrian Army.

Civilians in Douma stormed several food warehouses of Jeish al-Islam and seized control over them.

Hundreds of tons of fuel and food stuff had been hoarded in the warehouses by Jeish al-Islam that refused to distribut them among people in Douma.

Local sources reported that hoarding food stuff was used as a pressure lever by Jeish al-Islam commanders to control civilians in militant-held regions in Eastern Ghouta.

In the meantime, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that a sum of 3,637 terrorists have left Douma via al-Wafedeen safe corridor in the last 24 hours.

Local sources said earlier today that tens of the civilians that had been kidnapped by Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta in the last few years were released last night and transferred on two buses to the army-controlled regions via al-Wafedeen safe corridor.

In the meantime, other sources said that the total number of people that were in Jeish al-Islam’s jails did not exceed 200, but the Saudi-backed terrorists had pretended to have thousands of civilians in their jails to use the fake figures as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the Syrian army.

They further confirmed reports on the release of all abducted civilians that are alive, adding that bodies of the dead prisoners will be delivered to the government forces soon.

Meantime, army sources confirmed that a sum of 3,395 militants and their family members later left Douma for Jarabulus in Northeastern Aleppo on 65 buses via the Damascus-Homs highway.

They further mentioned that 1,281 of the said number were militants of Jeish al-Islam.

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