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Palestinians’ resistance will foil Israel’s desperate efforts: Iran



Foreign Ministry spokesman says the continuation of resistance by the Palestinian people will foil the desperate efforts of the Israeli regime to carry on with its atrocities in the occupied lands.

“The international community strongly denounced the cruel moves by the Zionist regime in violating the Palestinians’ rights, Judaizing [Jerusalem] al-Quds, desecrating and destroying the al-Aqsa mosque and expanding its settlements as well as killing, jailing and torturing women, men and children,” Bahram Qassemi said on Sunday, Press TV reported.

He praised resistance of the Palestinian people against the Israeli regime’s criminal policies and paid tribute to the 16th anniversary of the Second Palestinian Intifada (uprising), also known as the al-Aqsa Intifada, which left more than 3,000 Palestinians martyred.

The spokesperson also paid homage to the Palestinians who sacrificed their lives during the Intifada to counter the Tel Aviv regime’s brutal acts.

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