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Palestinian group to work with Syrian gov’t to help return displaced civilians to Yarmouk Camp


The Assistant Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), Talal Naji, stated on Sunday that his organization is working closely with the Syrian government to help return the displaced people to the Yarmouk Camp.

According to Naji’s statement, his organization is working to not only displaced civilians return to Yarmouk Camp, but also, help reconstruct the district after more than seven years of war.

The PFLP-GC was one of the largest Palestinian paramilitary groups that operated in the Yarmouk Camp prior to the Syrian conflict.

Their leader, General Ahmad Jibreel, has been a long-time ally of the Syrian government and instrumental figure inside the Yarmouk and Jaramana camps of Damascus.

During the war, many displaced civilians from Yarmouk found refuge in the Jaramana Camp, which is located in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.

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