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Pak Sunni religious leader slams Saudis over failing to secure holy sites


A Pakistani religious and political Sunni leader slammed Saudi government over failing to provide security to holy sites in the country.
In an interview with IRNA, Peer Syed Masoom Hussain Shah Naqvi, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan Noorani said that a committee including forces and representatives from all Muslim countries should be formed to protect Harmain-e-Sharifain.
“Saudi Arabia has proved that alone it cannot protect the holy sites in the country,” he said, adding that people of Saudi Arabia have stood up against their rulers who are spending the resources of country on their own lavish life styles.

The religious leader added that Saudi government is not capable enough to make safe and secure arrangements for Hajj.

He denounced the Saudi policy on issues related to Muslim world, adding that the country has to quit the strategy of dividing Muslim world on sectarian basis.

Jamiat Ulema Pakistan leader said Saudi Arabia should respect all sects of Islam if the country wants to see stability in the Muslim world.

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