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One day Palestinians will be equipped with air defense: IRGC general

A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the Palestinian resistance groups will one day be equipped with air defense systems enabling them to repel Israeli airstrikes.

Iraj Masjedi, who serves as a top advisor to the commander of the IRGC Quds Force, said on Sunday the power of resistance groups in Palestine is increasing by the day.

“The Palestinians are fighting with rockets today but a day will come when they will not allow bombardments by the Zionists and they will obtain air defense weapons,” Masjedi said while addressing a conference in Tehran.

The general said the Palestinian resistance groups have dealt heavy blows to the Israeli forces in Gaza.

He said some six Israeli brigades, including the Golani Brigades, which is tasked with carrying out special operations, have had to withdraw due to defeats suffered from resistance groups.

The remarks come amid an escalating military conflict in Gaza where the Israeli regime has killed nearly 23,000 people since early October.

The regime had hoped that a ground invasion would enable its forces to infiltrate into a network of tunnels operated by Hamas. However, the operation has led to scores of deaths within the ranks of the Israeli military while the regime has failed to secure the release of a single captive held by Hamas through military force.

Israel’s aggression has also caused resistance groups in the region to mount attacks on Israeli and US targets in several Arab countries to force them to end the military campaign against the Palestinians.

In his Sunday remarks, Masjedi, who once served as Iran’s ambassador to Iraq and has close links to resistance groups in the region, said groups that enjoy Iran’s support will finally “break the hand of the enemies.”

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