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Northern Israeli settlements are ‘ghost towns’ with Hezbollah presence

Israeli media reported a state of fear and panic prevailing in the northern settlements, close to the Lebanese border, as the area has become devoid of settlers and resembles a “ghost town,” in light of the escalation of the confrontations between the Israeli occupation and Hezbollah.

The Israeli Channel 13 correspondent in the North stated, “All of Upper Galilee has become empty, which Hezbollah presents this as an achievement,” stressing that “the region is empty, like a ghost zone.”

The correspondent explained that the distance between Hezbollah and the residential area in the settlement of “Kiryat Shmona” and the settlements adjacent to them are “much closer than that which separates the settlements in the south from members of the Hamas movement [in the Gaza Strip].”

Moreover, the Israeli coorespondent said, “You feel that they [Hezbollah] are in your backyard, and this is very difficult,” stressing “I do not know how the settlers will return here, while there are many questions to which there are no answers.”

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