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Northeastern Hasaka: US Sends More Arms, Ammunition to SDF Terrorists


 The US dispatched more weapons and military equipment to the Kurdish militias in Hasaka province on Wednesday in spite of Washington’s claims over withdrawal of forces from Syria.

The new convoy of US arms and ammunition entered Syria via Simalka passageway at the border with Iraq.

Also, field sources said that several US military trucks, carrying arms and equipment, arrived in Syria in the last two day, adding that a part of the convoy was sent to Southern Hasaka.

The Kurdish militias said last week that they would start large-scale operation against ISIL in Southeastern Hasaka and Eastern Deir Ezzur.

The Kurds later started the operation and managed to capture Eslah Hajin region near the town of Hajin in Southeastern Deir Ezzur in their anti-ISIL operation.

The Lebanese al-Manar TV network reported on Saturday that the US sent a new military convoy to the Kurdish militants’ bases in Tal Beidar region between the towns of Qamishli and Tal Tamr in Northeastern Hasaka.

Al-Manar further said that the convoy, including ten trucks with a large volume of arms and ammunition entered the Kurdish base via Feesh Khabour passageway at Iraq-Syria border.

In the meantime, local sources said that the Kurdish fighters have continued forced equipment in Hasaka province, adding that the militias have detained a number of civilians Southwest of the town of Ra’as al-Ein in Northwestern Hasaka and train them in military camps mostly in the same region.

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