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No international forces allowed in Syria’s safe-zones: Muallem

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Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, speaking in Damascus, Monday, stated that international forces under the United Nations supervision will not be allowed to patrol de-escalation zones, which were agreed upon by Syria ceasefire guarantor states in Astana.

Muallem noted that, “The Russian guarantor clarified that there will be a deployment of the military police and observation posts for these (de-escalation) areas.” He added, “they will consider forces entering into Syrian without coordination with the government first as “hostile forces.”

Muallem said that the Syrian government will commit to the memorandum “in order to stop the bloodshed,” however he remarked that this was only on the condition that “other groups commit to it.” He stressed that in case of a violation their reaction will be “decisive”.


On the 4th May Syria ceasefire guarantor states Russia, Iran and Turkey in Astana adopted the memorandum on the creation of four security zones in Syria, following Russia’s proposal to set up so-called de-escalation zones.

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