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No country can threaten, attack Iran: Military chief


Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri has warned that the Islamic Republic would give a proportionate response to the enemy’s slightest aggression against the country.

“If the enemy casts a covetous eye on our interests or conducts [even] a slight act of aggression, the Islamic Republic will give an appropriate response at an appropriate time,” Baqeri said while visiting ground, aviation and armored units of the Iranian Army in the southwestern Khuzestan Province on Monday.

He added that defense power and strength of the Iranian Armed Forces have made the enemy come to the conclusion that any aggression against the country would have no outcome but casualties and expenses and that it would be impossible for it to achieve any of its objectives.

The senior Iranian commander emphasized that when a novice politician asks his country’s army to conduct an act of aggression against Iran, top military commanders of such countries, including the United States, warn their politicians that it is impossible to engage in a war with Iran and that they must pursue political approaches in dealing with the Islamic Republic.

Baqeri on Sunday said the Iranian Armed Forces are ready to deal with any possible threat posed by enemies of the Islamic Republic.

“At the present time, the Armed Forces are maintaining a high level of readiness to give a response to any threat and act of aggression by enemies of the Islamic Iran,” Baqeri said while addressing a gathering of military forces.

Amid some reports about Israel’s preparation for military action against Iran with US support, a senior Iranian official on Saturday strongly ruled out the possibility of a war against the Islamic Republic given enemies’ awareness of Iran’s “political strength and its military and security preparedness.”

“As the official in charge of the country’s national security body, I am explicitly and confidently announcing that the possibility of a war [against Iran] is ruled out because of enemies’ assessment of the Islamic Republic’s political strength, its military and security preparedness in domestic and foreign arenas, as well as their lack of determination, coherence and operational capability,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said.

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