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New Zealand ISILTerrorist Accidentally Tweets Location from Syria

A suspected ISIL terrorist from New Zealand has suspended his Twitter account after mistakenly tweeting his location from Syria. John Taylor, who reportedly now goes by the name of Mohammad Daniel or Abu Abdul Rahman, failed to turn off the location service on his Twitter account, thereby identifying his whereabouts every time he tweeted.

Realising his mistake, Taylor, who is known as @M_Taylor_Kiwi on the social media site, deleted 45 tweets – but not before screen shots had been captured by iBrabo, an open source intelligence research group located in Ontario, Canada.

On their blog, iBrabo wrote that they had been able to track Taylor’s activities via his Twitter account, as he moved from Kafar Roma to the desert and then to ISIL stronghold Al Tabqah at the end of last year. The research group was also able to pinpoint a specific house Al Tabqah where Taylor stayed between 3 and 10 December 2014.

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