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New York City protesters disrupt Black Friday shopping to support Palestinians in Gaza- Video

Dozens of protesters gathered near Macy’s megastore in Manhattan, disrupting Black Friday shopping to show support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The New York Police Department arrested over 30 people during the pro-Palestine demonstration.

Protesters chanted slogans denouncing Israel and held signs with messages such as “Palestine will be free,” “Kids deserve to grow up,” “Free Palestine by any means necessary,” and “Democracy in apartheid Israel is a lie.”

They also carried other signs reading, “The ‘WAR ON TERROR’ ended with 432,000 civilian deaths, 38 mil people displaced. Not again. Never again. US money and support out of Israel.”

A protester was also holding a name list reading, “Names of children ages 0-4 killed by Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip from October 7 to 26, 2023.”

“They restrict the livelihood. The fact that Israel can turn off water, food, fuel, or electricity go in, the fact that even just the possibility that they can do that [is horrible]. They control the amount of food that gets into Gaza,” said a protester identified as Nadine.

“They control who and what gets in and out of Gaza to the point that they openly said that they have put Palestinians on a diet,” she added.

Protesters also addressed passing customers, chanting, “Why are you shopping? Bombs are dropping.”

(Source: AFP)

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