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New push by Syrian Army in ISIL’s heartland scores important victories: map



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is rolling through the southeastern countryside of Aleppo, liberating several sites from the Islamic State (ISIL) terrorists embedded in this region near the Al-Raqqa Governorate border.

Following the liberation of Aliyat Bu Kamal on Tuesday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army advanced further south to the Tal Hassan Quarries, where they were confronted by an exhausted Islamic State force.

Not long after launching the attack on the Tal Hassan Quarries, the Syrian Arab Army managed to break-through the Islamic State’s first-line of defense; thus, forcing the aforementioned terrorist group to withdraw south in order to avoid being overrun.

With the Tal Hassan Quarries captured, the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces have successfully secured the imperative Jirah Military Airbase and positioned themselves to strike the integral town of Maskanah.

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