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National Unity Defuses Enemies’ Malicious Plans: Iran Intelligence Minister

Iranian Intelligence Minister Esmaeil Khatib said the existing national unity has defused the enemies' malign plans and might.

“During the recent unrests the western intelligence services and mass media used all their capabilities to blow and attack against powerful Iran, its sacred system and its always-ready-at-the-scene nation, its sagacious Supreme Leader and people’s resistance, but once again they faced defeat,” said the minister, while underlining the importance of national unity and territorial integrity which has always existed in the country in every difficult times.

In the recent unrest, the enemies resorted to a full-scale complicated war, including their entire communication and media facilities, which equals a media world war against Iran, according to Khatib.

“The enemies resorted to hallucinating people, fabricating news, and using all their capacity to effectively present a false image and promote aggression, terrorism, and looting public property as top priorities,” he added.

The intelligence minister reiterated that the enemies fomented unrest and aided separatist groups, waging a psychological war against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s sacred system in order to bring about regime change.

“However, the might of the country’s security and armed forces, as well as the astute leadership by the Leader of Islamic revolution, once again caused the enemies to face a severe defeat,” he emphasized.

He also rejected the claim that they played no role in the country’s recent unrest, saying, “Those enemies’ efforts are a sign of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s might, and the Iranians’ national unity to support this sacred political system.”

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