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Nasrallah urges Lebanese to vote for those who made sacrifices



The Secretary General of resistance movement Hezbollah urged the Lebanese people to participate in the upcoming elections and vote for all who have made sacrifices for the sake of Lebanon.

In a televised speech on Tuesday afternoon ahead of Lebanese elections, Hassan Nasrallah urged Lebanese people to vote for those “who made sacrifices with their blood to secure the country.”

“All Lebanese must participate in anti-corruption fight to reform economy,” Hezbollah chief said.

He stressed “Lebanese resistance needs political support.”

“Lebanon needs Army, Resistance and people to stay safe, make progress,” according to Nasrallah.

Nasrallah promised that Hezbollah and allies will address shortcomings, mistakes that were made in the past.

“Those who stir geographical sensitivities, fragmentation, sedition in Lebanon, are serving Israel and enemies of resistance,” Nasrallah emphasized.

The Hezbollah’s chief concluded by saying “all Lebanese must participate in “battle” of elections on the sixth of May.

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