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Muslims will soon pray in Jerusalem al-Quds (inshaAllah): Velayati



Ali Akbar Velayati, the Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council says that if Muslims keep united they will witness final victory and pray in al-Quds.

“We won’t allow the enemies to disintegrate the Islamic countries and divide Islamic Umma,” said Ali Akbar Velayati, the Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council.

The senior advisor to Iranian Leader made the remarks at the opening of the 35tth edition of the International Quran Competition in Tehran.

After welcoming the reciters and masters of the Holy Quran, Mr. Velayati affirmed that no divine book values science and thinking as much does the Holy Quran.

“At the time the colonizers expanded their domination over the Islamic countries, the Islamic civilization started to get weaker and they wanted to replace it with western culture and that’s why they kicked off cultural domination campaign and they suppose that if the western culture dominate all over the whole world the people of the world will make progress,” asserted the Iranian veteran diplomat who was the Iranian foreign minister for 16 years.

“Islamic awakening means to restore Islam and the result of the movement has been the vigilance of the people in Iraq, Egypt, and Yemen,” he underlined.

“The Americans have been defeated in all their attacks on Islamic countries a nd based on the same experience the Syrian establishment is returning to its Islamic self and this year the Syrian government will act stronger than past years,” he continued.

“The expediency of the Islamic nation is in unity and whatever the enemies do is to divide Muslims; these competitions are doing a great service thanks to the Holy Quran and we hope to witness the final victory of the Islamic Umma and to pray in the Holy al-Quds,” affirmed the Iranian official.

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