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Moroccans push for severing ties with Israeli occupation


Morocco-based groups have launched calls for officially criminalizing all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation.

A joint Saturday statement issued by pro-Palestine political bodies, trade unions, and youth organizations in Tangier, north of Morocco, said normalization with Israel amounts to an act of normalization with systematic state terrorism, occupation, and horrendous criminality.”

The statement strongly condemned the US President Donald Trump’s decision to transfer his country’s embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Occupied Jerusalem.

It dubbed such a move another chain in a series of plots aiming to liquidate the Palestinian cause and stir the wrath of one billion and a half Muslims around the globe.

The groups stressed their unconditional support for the Great March of Return protests, which they believe have come in response to Israel’s Trump-backed terrorism against the Palestinians and their holy sites.

The statement urged the Moroccan masses in Tangier to join a rally set to be staged on Sunday in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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