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‘Monster’ Trump not welcome in UK: Academic


US President Donald Trump’s policies show what a “monster” and “narcissistic” he is, says a British scholar, noting that British people don’t want the American head of state visit their country.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare made the remarks in a Press TV interview on Sunday, while discussing Trump’s upcoming visit to the UK and the lack of enthusiasm among the British public.

According to a BMG survey done for The Independent, more people think it was wrong for British Prime Minister Theresa May to invite Trump to Britain.

The BMG poll reveals that 42 percent of people think Trump should not have been invited to Britain, compared to 37 percent who think otherwise.

The poll also found that Britons expect their leader to be more critical of Trump, with 39 percent saying that May should take a tougher stance, compared to just 10 percent who want her to be friendlier towards Trump. Thirty-two percent also believe that the premier currently has the balance right.

“President Trump is a narcissistic bully with a military behind him and he thinks he can… politically force other countries to his will in such a way that he claims will benefit his political support,” he said.

By mixing this with his “inadequate” view of economic and politics, Trump is pushing ahead with a geopolitical regime that the US has been following over the past few years, the analyst said.

This has been the case with the recent passing of two US warships through the Taiwan Strait, as it has been the case with Washington’s policies in Syria, Palestine, the Saudi war on Yemen and the rest of the Middle East, he argued.

“So there is Trump for you,” Shakespeare said. “He has a faulty idea of economics and on the geopolitical front, he is threatening using military force all the time.”

The same can be said about Iran, Shakespeare said, pointing to Trump’s threats of introducing more sanctions against Iran and specifically its oil exports.

This is while, according to the economy professor, none of the current oil producing countries can compensate Iran’s oil production if it stops flowing.

“That is the sort of situation which is coming along because we have got a narcissistic, moronic president with a bomb in his hand, who thinks he can bully people and do what he likes,” he said.

Pointing to the widespread protests that are planned for Trump’s upcoming state visit to the UK later this month, Shakespeare noted that he was in no way welcome.

“This man is a monster, he is dangerous. The UK people don’t like it, the Europe like it, Trump is brining nothing but trouble that could lead to war,” he concluded.

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