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Moallem: Syria’s Sovereignty Indubitable, Turkey and US Are Invaders

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moallem said that Syria’s sovereignty in Tanaf is indubitable, stressing that Turkey and US are invaders and should withdraw from the Syrian territories.

As he denied reports on an agreement regarding Syria’s south, Moallem stressed that US forces should withdraw from Tanaf.

“US forces must withdraw from Tanaf, Syria’s sovereignty in this region is indubitable,” Moallem said during a press conference in Damascus.

“We consider Turkey enemy and invader, neither Turkey, nor US has the right to negotiate regarding the Syrian cities,” the top Syrian diplomat said, stressing that the Syrian forces will liberate every inch of the Syrian territory.

Meanwhile, Moallem said that Damascus has handed a list of 50 names of members of constitutional committee to Russia and Iran, noting that the move comes as part of an agreement with Moscow and Tehran who are guarantor states of Astana track.

“we sent 50 names, the Syrian state should have the majority in any number which will be agreed upon, and the committee’s decisions should be taken unanimously.”

In this context, Moallem said: “It doesn’t matter where the constitutional committee will meet,” stressing that “what matters is the way the other side will deal with the issue.”

He affirmed meanwhile, that the mission of UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura is restricted to facilitating these discussions.

On the other hand, Moallem stressed that Damascus we will provide all facilitations to Syrian refugees who want to return their homeland.

“We are the most careful to return the displaced people to their homes and we will provide all facilitations to those who want to return,” the Syrian diplomat added.

Meanwhile, Moallem affirmed that Article No. 15 of the Constitution prohibits confiscating any property if it is not for the public benefit.

“The Law No. 10 is a necessity after liberating al-Ghouta from terrorism because the terrorist organizations have burnt the properties’ records and manipulated the private properties and these properties should be organized to return the rights to their owners.”

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