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Ministry of Health: 86 Palestinians killed in the ‘israeli’ aggression in the past 24 hours

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced on Sunday morning that 86 Palestinian citizens were killed and 131 others injured in 7 Israeli massacres committed in the past 24 hours.

It said that some of the victims are still under the rubble of destroyed buildings or in the streets but could be retrieved by ambulance or civil defense due to the Israeli shooting at anyone or any vehicle approaching them.

It said that the number of casualties since the Israeli aggression started on October 7 last year had reached 29,692 martyrs and 69,879 injured other than thousands others missing and not accounted for.

The Israeli relentless bombing of the besieged enclave has destroyed 50% of its buildings and led 90% of its population to forced displacement amidst an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and famine.

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