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Minister affirms importance of implementing humanitarian response plan

20140319-173047_h534184Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat stressed the importance of programs and activities implemented by Education and Health Ministries to reduce suffering of the families affected by the crisis in Syria.

During a meeting for the Higher Committee for Relief Wednesday, The Minister affirmed importance of implementing all programs and projects related to the Health and Education sectors which are included in the humanitarian response plan signed between the Syrian government and UN organizations for 2014.

For his part, assistant Education Minister Dr. Said Kharasani said that the Ministry carried out a number of steps to end the school truancy and rehabilitate a number of schools, pointing out that damage to the Education sector is estimated at SYP 111.7 billion.

Director of Contagious and Chronic Diseases Directorate at the Health Ministry Dr. Kinaz al-Sheikh said that program of early warning and fast response which was launched in cooperation with UN organizations contributed in control contagious and chronic diseases and preventing their spread.

She added that the Ministry works on delivering medical care to affected citizens around the country.

Later, al-Shammat visited the Vocational Rehabilitation Institute for people with disabilities.

During the visit, the Minister stressed the need to provide educational services for people with disabilities and integrate them into society, in addition to providing them with medical, psychological and social services.

Director of the Institute Mohammad Hadi Mashhadiye said that the Institute provides training for people with disabilities ages 15 to 30 in the use of computers, tailoring, maintenance of electronics, hair-dressing, and carpentry, in addition to a department for rehabilitating people with mental disabilities.

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