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Millions of Iranians voice anger at Zionist regime, support Palestinians


Millions of people in Tehran and over 850 cities nationwide on Friday condemned the atrocities of the Zionist regime and global arrogance and voiced their support for the oppressed Palestinian nation through issuing a ten-clause statement.
A number of top officials attended the rallies and voiced their support for Palestinian nation.
At the end of the rallies marking Quds Day, the demonstrators issued a ten-clause statement in which they called for unity among Palestinian groups, support for the front lines of the resistance, condemnation of proxy wars and crimes of the Takfiri groups,
They also called for maintaining unity of the Islamic Ummah, introducing the US as number one enemy, struggling with the Zionist regime, and administrating Haj rituals.
The statement also reads that Iran’s missile might is a manifestation of the country’s power to deter foreigners which secures the country’s national security.
The statement appreciated the noble Iranian nation for their massive presence in the rallies as well as media persons for their coverage of the event.

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