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Militants in Four More Regions Give up Fight against Syrian Army



Militants in four more regions laid down arms and joined the peace agreement with the Syrian army and government in the last 24 hours, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced on Tuesday.

“Representatives of militants in four more regions have endorsed the peace agreement with Damascus in the last 24 hours,” the Russian Center said.

“Now the total number of cities, towns, villages and regions that have thus far joined the peace process stands at 1,097.”

Media sources said on Sunday that a peace agreement between the Syrian Army and Jeish al-Izzah militant group would be singed soon in Hama province.

The Arabic language al-Hadath news quoted field sources as saying that Jeish al-Izzah affiliated to the Free Syrian Army was planning to ink an agreement with the army in the town of Halfaya.

“Some of militants in Halfaya have been trying in recent days to pave the ground for the implementation of the ceasefire in the town to open the road connecting Halfaya to Mahradeh town,” al-Hadath said.

The sources added that some of the army commanders in the region were in contact with the militants on the implementation of truce, but the paragraphs of the agreement were not announced.

Also, ten armed groups in the province of Hama signed application forms to join the cessation of hostilities in Syria on Saturday, according to the Russian reconciliation center.

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