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Mikdad: Turkish regime should cease hostile activities against Syria before restoring relations

New York, SANA Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Faisal Miqdad, stressed that the Turkish regime’s cessation of hostile activities against Syria, particularly regarding halting its occupation of the Syrian territories and the support its provide to the terrorist groups, is a natural prelude to restoring Syrian-Turkish relations.

Mikdad said in an interview with Russia Today TV: “We have been always ready to build good and normal relations with the Turkish people, but not at the expense of Syrian land or blood, not at the expense of cutting off water from Syria or killing and bombing Syrians in the northern border areas. We are not imposing conditions here, but I say these Turkish activities should be halted before restoring the mutual relations”

Mikdad went on saying: “It is logical that any discussions be based on foundations, so how can I reach an understanding with an occupier of my land when he did not show any desire or will to resolve this issue, therefore these are not requirements, but rather normal things in political work.”

Mikdad pointed out that “the future of Idlib is associated to the struggle of the Syrian people, who will liberate his whole land and restore it to the state’s sovereignty”, stressing that “Turkey must immediately and completely withdraw from Syria and to terminate the support it provide to the terrorist groups in it”, indicating that “no matter how long the Turkish occupation lasts, it will only meet the same fate as the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Mikdad stressed that what the Turkish government is establishing settlements to bring in people to replace the indigenous population, such a matter is not acceptable in the Charter of Human Rights and international law, but rather is a punishable war crime.

Mikdad said: “We tried to establish good relations with Turkey, these relations were excellent between 2009 and 2010, and in order to enhance them, we took some measures which were sometimes not in line with our interests, but we sacrificed in order to enhance such relations with our neighbors and build relations based on good neighborliness as stipulated in the United Nations Charter and as this relationship should be.”

Mikdad added: “Problems began when the Turkish regime intervened in Syria’s internal affairs and supported the terrorists who flocked to it from all over the world through Turkish territories and killed its people and destroyed its infrastructure, but Syria withstood, fought and never retreat or concede”.

Mikdad expressed his confidence that the American occupation forces will withdraw sooner or later from Syria, but they can withdraw without major losses, indicating that the one who fought terrorism in Syria is the Syrian army and its allies only, not the American occupation forces.

Regarding Syria’s non-participation in the upcoming Arab summit in Algeria, Mikdad said: The reasons are clear. Syria cannot accept being part of the fragmentation, or being a hurdle in bringing the Arabs together, even within the framework of the Arab League, which we know the role it played against Syria, Libya and other Arab countries.

Mikdad recalled Syria’s stance since the first day of the Russian special military operation, which is that it is a correction of history and comes in the context of Russia’s right to defend itself and its interests under the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

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