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Mikdad: Syria’s war against terrorism is a war with Israel for Golan and Palestine

Syria’s war against terrorism is a war with Israel for Golan and Palestine

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faissal Mikdad said Syria is now more sure than ever that its current war against terrorism is as much a war for the Golan and Palestine as it is a war with Israel.

The relationship between Israel and the terrorist groups fighting in Syria needs no more evidence, Mikdad told the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper, adding that there have been enough overt proofs on that relationship particularly in terms of the logistic supplies openly offered to the terrorists across the border and the terrorists being “embraced in the arms of the occupation” and their injured being treated in its hospitals.

Proofs have gone far to having the terrorists’ leaders publically making political offers to Israel that Golan would be conceded if terrorists were able to take over Syria, said Mikdad in the newspaper’s article published Saturday.

In addition to that, he added, is a potential project to build “a security belt” on the border by terrorists to protect Israel’s security in the pattern of what happened in the aftermath of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon.

The Deputy Foreign Minister noted that above all those proofs is the favor which the terrorists are doing Israel in terms of destroying the Palestinian camps and displacing their inhabitants in line with the Israeli plan to liquidate the refugees’ right to return.

“We were quite sure that the appearance of the Israeli hand behind what is taking place in Syria and terrorism as a major element in implementing the plan of war against our country was inevitable sooner or later,” said Mikdad.

He added Syria, after three years of the war, is forcing its real enemies to come up to stage from the coulisse” thanks to the steadfastness of its people, its army’s valor and its leader’s wisdom“

Mikdad noted that with the American side having been forced to surface and take the cover off its fleets without however using them out of fear of the consequences, Israel found no other way but to repeatedly come to light as a full accomplice in the war through the raids and acts of aggression it launched on various sites in Syria.

He voiced regret there have been some Arab rulers who got involved in the war against Syria in favor of Israel and that the UN and peacekeeping forces have diverted away from their original missions of preventing violations of agreements and turned into a false witness on those violations by Israel and in many times an implicit accomplice and a mediator between the terrorists and Israel.

“Syria, as it is making victory in the battlefield, is now confident more than ever, in restoration of Golan” said Deputy Foreign Minister.

He added Syria never doubted that the day when the Arab hands involved in a project seeking Syria’s destruction in terms of its economy, construction, sources of strength and social fabric, will come out would not be far.

We were likewise certain that those Arab rulers “have done so out of a sense of lack of manliness and desire to send a message of chastisement to their peoples who interacted with Syria’s stance of pride and Arab dignity”, said Mikdad.


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